PAR Buddy

PAR Buddy 2.80

PAR Buddy is a free Parchive (PAR) and RAR client

PAR Buddy is a free Parchive (PAR) and RAR client which makes it possible to easily queue and schedule PAR2 check/repair jobs and RAR unpacking.
PAR Buddy is especially useful when associated with PAR2 in Windows since this makes it fast and easy to queue and prioritize jobs. Another useful feature is the ability to schedule heavy PAR/RAR jobs to times where the PC is idle.

If you are allready using QuickPAR, PAR Buddy is a great supplement since QuickPAR can be launched in the rare cases where PAR Buddy is not convenient.

Main features:
- Job queueing and scheduling
- PAR2 checking and repairing
- RAR unpacking with password support
- Joining spilt files
- Advanced monitor feature with filters/rules allow to automaticky check/repair PAR sets, unpack RARs, etc.
- Configurable pop-up notifications with sounds effects when jobs are finished.
- NFO file detection and support for NFO viewers.
- Option to delete empty source folders.
- Option to create folder cover image (if available).
- Display of folder cover (if available).
- Detailed activity and error logs.
- Minimizing to tray option and animated tray icon when working.
- Attractive and intuitive user interface.
- Supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 in both 32bit and 64bit variants.

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